Demon King Daimao Dub

Demon King Daimao

Genres: action, comedy, fantasy, magic
Themes: ecchi, school, harem
Plot Summary: After enrolling at the Constant Magic Academy, Akuto Sai discovers he’s not just a gifted student with magical powers; he’s destined to become the Demon King. And though he’s not that crazy about the idea, it drives the girls wild! From the sexy school girls in his class to the skin-obsessed android who’s programmed to seduce him, Akuto has no shortage of wacky girl trouble. How much temptation can a demon king take?

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26 Responses to “Demon King Daimao”

  1. henry says:

    This is the best anime i ever watched with action,comedy,fantasy,magic i wish that you make more seasons of Demon King Daimao.

  2. henry says:

    Please make more seasons or more animes just like Demon King Daimao please make more animes like that…

  3. henry says:

    This is the best anime that i ever watched.

  4. alex says:

    This is the best anime i ever watched with action,comedy,fantasy,magic i wish that you make more seasons of Demon King Daimao

  5. Ginger says:

    OH please. Please. Once you get passed the girl showing of panties and such it is a great show. I really really want there to be a second. Really really.. *crosses fingers and hope to die… wait no hope to have season two*

  6. wyland says:

    i really wish they made more to conclude the ending ( wishing for more to see whos with who ) really hopen for more of demoned king shows

  7. mike says:

    Make a season2 .do it do it.

  8. ERIC says:

    There is talk about a season 2 but it’s just talk. the producer has not decided on another season just yet. let’s keep our fingers crossed.

    • black sage12 says:

      there probably not going to make a second season because at the ending the guy kills the machine and there is no add on to that but it would be great if they made a second season to it this is like the fifth best anime I have ever seen.

  9. JasoAnime says:

    If you’re looking for a similar anime to this, Rosario to Vampire is an excellent series and there are two seasons… only problem is that there aren’t three yet. Still Check out the show it has action, comedy, magic, and girls haha. Very similar art style and another great plot. All around my favorite series. After that show another to watch is Heavens Lost Property, and after that High School of the Dead. I promise you will not be disappointed; that is if you’re looking for a series that meets those criteria, also all three have dubbed versions.

  10. baileyballs says:

    Please make a season 2!! Please i really love this anime!!!!
    We Need more animes like this and less animes of beyblades!
    So Please make season 2!
    I have watch season 1 atleast 3 times already!
    I am really hopeing there is going to be a second season
    *Fingers Cross*

  11. Eric You says:

    my story is called lord Malaya vs demon king Lucifer Iblis it features two brave heroes from the world of humans that traveled to another world where forces of light and shadow were fighting for centuries the two heroes are Mikes Bronzes and Danielle Davidson. this war in the other world lasted for 362880 years and split the other world into light and shadow clans. each hero fight for two different clans who believe that they should control the other world.

  12. Eric You says:

    the other world consists of cat people, mouse people, bunny people, cow people or Minos Tauruses , werewolves, centaurs, headless knights in armor riding black horses, doppelgangers, dragons, newts,dryads, devils, cyclopes, snake people, harpies, fairies, spider people, slime people, ogres, zombies, pig people, porcupine people, mermaids, mandrakes, flying white horses, nine tailed foxes, and nymphs have been living in peace for centuries until 362880 years ago an evil demon king named Lucifer Iblis wanted to control this other world. he has a slave girl named Lilith who is very loyal to him. Lilith was an homeless four year orphan from the earth. she got sucked into a portal leading to this other weird world called Muskellunges Clemenceau Yolanda. she was raised by this new evil demon king until she was 16 years old and was sold into slavery. Lilith was sold and worked for various masters until the age of 25 when demon king Lucifer Iblis took her in as his personal servant.

  13. Eric You says:

    the leader of the clans of light lord Malaya is very kind and wise he reign was 3877650329 years and he was the original leader of this world and was once a legendary wizard who fought many wars and defeated many evil monsters. he also taught many people ancient knowledge that was passed down from his master a 300026669 year old witch cursed with a 16 year old body for eternity.

  14. Eric You says:

    this other world was created 3172480252 years before lord Malaya and the 300026669 year old witch were born the creator of this world is called great god physios actually a human who discovered a wormhole from the earth and traveled to an unknown dimension and started creating life in this world through advanced technology and science. his name was Adam Capulet. his rival doctor Albert Cannes traveled through the wormhole and caused destruction and spread out criminals from a future earth to terrorize the people the first clan of the shadows. the original demon king is what he was called and he came 1501334501 years from the earth’s future to rule this new dimension. then in the present on earth two teenagers found the portal into this other dimension by a computer that opened the portal into this new dimension of toxic monster worlds. .

  15. Eric You says:

    here in this world toxic monster kingdom slaves are still present in this new dimension that is similar to earth expect in a more medieval fantasy where two clans fight for control of the entire world which consists of various clans of monsters and magic can be used which is really highly advanced technology from a future earth of many centuries from now more specifically the year 3905685638 where the two heroes came from.

  16. Eric You says:

    slaves are those who are captured people from the two clans who are sold to masters who are rich and wealthy nobles or aristocrats in this world. slaves wears nothing but black dog collars. slime people wear raincoats and boots, snake girls wear normal clothing but no bras, harpies wear short cut off jeans and black tank tops, centaurs wear armor or medieval European clothes, doppelgangers wear no clothes, spider girls wear gauntlets and revealing shirts, dryads and mandrakes wear leaves, dragons are part human and wear light trench coats, a high collar shirt, and long pants, fairies wear purple see through dresses, mermaids wear bikini like swimwear or french maid uniforms, nymphs also wear bikinis or white one piece dresses over a one piece blue swimsuit. nine tailed foxes can turn into humans wearing red kimonos. cyclopes wear modern day clothes and specially made monocles to see better.

  17. Eric You says:

    the main heroes wear red, blue, yellow, orange, purple violet, indigo, green, black, or white clothing carry guns, swords, spears,knives, a map, a compass, a dictionary, and other valuable items from the earth where they live.

  18. Eric You says:

    here Danielle and Mikes also meet new friends in this new dimension Sera the centaur, d the headless knight, Draco the dragon, chi the dryad, Lilith the succubus, Manna the cyclops, Miro the mermaid, Mia the snake girl, pally the harpy, Voltaire the fairy, Redwood Rutherford the werewolf girl, Rachel the spider girl, sue the slime girl, Tito the ogre,and Zomba the zombie.

  19. Eric You says:

    later a brave group of security officers from earth also find the portal by accident they are a swat team of men and women trained to capture criminals here in the future the real world is controlled by the corporation who first were part of discovering this new dimension with a new president of the united states smith who controls the north american union and man named Roberto Westerners is the future Secretary general of the united nations he rules over the entire world in this seemingly Utopian society he has banned all personal freedom and those who disobey his laws are sent to prison or face death by a automatic guillotine. he also forced people to have a microchip that can be used as money to buy and sell things. he also demands that everyone worships him as a god. he also seems to miracles like healing the sick, those with severe injuries, supplies many poor nations with food and clean water. later he dies from a gun shot wound to the head and raises from the dead 3 days after he was put in a morgue. but he is not the real messiah that everyone is waiting for or is he? later after seven years of Roberto’s reign a global war almost wipes out humanity and later Jesus Christ returns and defeats Roberto who is actually the real devil Satan. then Jesus Christ opens up a dimensional portal to hell and casts the devil in there and later he judges the entire creation even those from the other dimensions. then he also finds out about lord Malaya is true believer in god and his name is found in the lamb’s book of life. however demon king Lucifer Iblis or doctor Albert Cannes is sent to hell for becoming the devil in the other dimension.

  20. Eric You says:

    Jesus his angels, good humans, monsters, and all creatures once again bow at his feet and he restore the earth back into a garden of Eden like state and a new Jerusalem as one of many restored cities all cities are then renewed but are perfect just like when he created all of creation since he is the real god and lord of all creation. Jesus is crowned king of kings and lord of lords and god himself in human flesh by all the races he ruled over and created. the monsters of toxic monster kingdom’s world is also restored and living peacefully. there are no more pain, sickness, death, or tears of any kind. no more barren desserts, icy tundras, or wastelands either.

  21. Eric You says:

    the monsters of toxic monster kingdom also receive more human like bodies and are glorified just like the rest that survived and did good things and believe that Jesus Christ is the one true god of all creation. everyone wears white shining robes of divine light. the animals of past, present, and future of earth and many dimensions are also living in peace with people and those with formerly monstrous appearances but Jesus still allows for many cultures to live in peace and harmony. now i invite you to pray this simple prayer dear Jesus i believe that you created all things and that you came to live a perfect life on planet earth not just for the earth and its people but for all creation that you loved so much that you died on a cross for all creation and rose 3 days later to save all living and non living things in all creation. i ask you to forgive of all the evil that i have done, will do, or all creation’s evil and pay the debts of all creation. i believe you will judge humanity and all created things and non existent things. thank you for giving me the gift of life right now and the everlasting life you will give me soon. i love you my god and my loving father who made me and everything else on the heavens, the earth, hell, and other planets, dimensions, galaxies, or etc.

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